See below our wide range of Lorenz crisps and snacks, with long shelf life, available NOW in the UK !

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Crunchips Xcut in 12 x 85g (£1 lines) or 10 x 150g

(available in Cheese & Onion, Paprika, Salted and Chilli & Lime *150g only)

Crunchips 12 x 100g (£1 lines) or 8 x 175g

(available in Red Chilli, Cheese & Onion, Paprika and Salted)

Pomsticks 12 x 85g (£1 RSP)

(available in Paprika, Salted, Sour Cream, Hot & Spicy and Salt & Vinegar)

Curly Classic in 14 x 120g and Mexican in 12 x 150g 

(available in Classic Peanut or Mexican)

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WOW jalapeno.png

NEW Crunchips WOW 12 x 80g (from May)

(Available in Jalapeno and Cream Cheese Inferno OR Paprika and Sour Cream)

Crunchips Roasted in 8 x 140g

(Available in Smoky Paprika and Spare Rib)